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Winching and Accessories

The name you know, the products, and service you can trust …..
Southwestern Sales Company and Polylite® Curtain Material

Suspension Hardware and Supplies

We carry a complete line of suspension hardware, Water filter housings, filter cartridges, curtain cord, strapping, cables and winches, conduit, curtain repair tape and plastic spray, and many other quality products.

Winching Hardware


Hand Winch, 1100 lbs, large hub
(available in singles or 12 pack)
Worm Gear Winch, 2000 lbs, Loop drive
(available in singles or 112 bulk pack)
Overhead Winch, 3000 lbs
Overhead Winch, Motor Ready, 3000 lbs
Overhead Winch, 5000 lbs
(90:1 ratio, 5 year mfg’s warranty)


Curtain Pulley, 7/8” Nylon
Split Steel Strap Pulley, 1 ½”
Split Steel Strap Pulley, 2 ½”
Split Strap Pulley, Nylon, 1 7/8”
Steel Pulley, Long Strap, 2 ½”
Steel Pulley, w/Bearing, 2 ½”
Steel Pulley, Cast Iron, 3 ½”
Steel Pulley, w/Grease Fitting, 3 ½”
Steel Pulley, Thru-the-Wall, 3 ½”

Curtain Cord & Strapping Material:

Neobraid Curtain Cord, 1/8”
Neobraid Curtain Cord, 3/16”
(Neobraid is an exclusive Southwestern Sales cord)
Nylon Ski Rope, Black, 3/16”
Strap Webbing, Black, 1 ¾”

Curtain Repair Tape:

Repair tape, 3” x 20 yards/roll, available in Black, Clear, Silver, Blue & White

Cable is available in stainless steel or galvanized.  (Call for Pricing)

1/16” cable, 1x7, available in 1,000 ft & 5000 ft rolls
3/32” cable, 7x7, available in 1,000 ft & 5000 ft rolls
1/8” cable, 7x7, available in 500 ft, 1,000 ft , 2500 ft, & 5000 ft rolls
3/16” cable, 7x7, available in 500 ft, 1,000 ft & 2500 ft rolls
3/16” cable, 7x19, available in 500 ft, 1,000 ft & 2500 ft rolls

Misc. Hardware:

Chain & Sprocket w/u-bolt bracket
Tension Spring, 1 ½”x25”
Screw Hooks, 3 ½”x5/16”
Screw Hooks, 4”x3/8”
Stakon, 1/8” closed
Stakon, 1/8” open
Stakon, 3/16” closed
S-Hook, 1 5/8”x1/8”
S-Hook, 1 7/8”x3/16”
Lag Bolt, 5/16”x3”
Lag Bolt, 3/8”x2”
Lag Bolt, 3/8”x3 1/2”
Washer, 3/8”
Hex Nut, 3/8”
Plastic Cap Nails, 1 ½”
Round Metal Cap Nails, 1 ½”
Curtain Weight, 4 lbs
Curtain Conduit, ½”x10’
Wire Rope Clip, 1/8”
Wire Rope Clip, 3/16”
Metal Quick Adjuste
(3”, 2-hole)
Curtain Clip, Lexan
Cord Adjuster, 1/8”, Red Plastic
Curtain Thumb Nut, 3/16” Blue Plastic
Plasti-Dip Spray, 11 oz Black
Plasti-Dip Spray, 11 oz White
Nico Sleeve, 1/16”x1/16” Aluminum
Nico Sleeve, 3/32”x3/32” Aluminum
Nico Sleeve, 1/8”x1/8” Aluminum
Nico Sleeve, 3/16”x1/8” Aluminum
Nico Sleeve, 3/16”x3/16” Aluminum
Water Filter Housings:

Blue Housing w/white top & pressure valve
Clear Housing w/white top & pressure valve

Water Filter Cartridges:

Pro Poly String Filter, 20 Micron, 30/case
Brown Cellulose Filter, 50 Micron, 100/case
White Cellulose Filter, 50 Micron, 100/case
Paper Pleated Filter, 20 Micron, 80/case
Polyester Pleated Filter, 50 Micron, 60/case

Other Available Items:

Fan Covers
This product is designed to keep cold air from entering the poultry house through the cone of the intake fan. The fan cover which is made from our standard poultry curtain material, is designed to control heat loss from the poultry house. If properly maintained, the cover should last for several winter seasons.


Brooder Covers
This product is designed to keep dust from forming on the top of the pancake gas brooder which houses the controls and filter. This provides a longer lasting performance period for the gas brooder which helps prevent dust from entering the control. If properly stored after use, this product should last for several production seasons.


Southwestern Sales Company is the exclusive distributor of Polylite® Super, Polylite® Regular, Polylite® Titan, and Polylite® Premium Colors.

Call for a list of authorized distributors in your area.
1-800-636-1975 or Email us Here

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